Vitamin A & D

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vitamin A&DVitamin A is often obtained by people from a cod liver oil supplement.  For those who cannot digest fish oil, this Vitamin A supplement is a dry (non-fish) form of Vitamin A and is easily absorbed.  Vitamin A is also obtained from beta carotene as your body will convert beta carotene to A.  Some people don’t absorb beta carotene.  I’m one of them and if you’re blood type A, you may not be able to absorb beta carotene either.  It was real clear to me I couldn’t handle it because whenever I took beta carotene or a multivitamin with beta carotene, it made me nauseous.  I knew this even before I read about blood type A’s and beta carotene in the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type.”  These nutrients are important as they strengthen and nourish the soft tissue such as gums and lungs and of course are noted for good eyesight.  If you’re a blood type A or if you don’t think you absorb beta carotene (even from food), if you have problems with your gums, eyesight, or bronchial area, you may want to use a supplemental  Vitamin A.  I like this particular combination of A & D because it is a favorite remedy of mine for gray days.  When I take this, I’m cheerful in spite of the weather.

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