Vitamin B

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leafy greenB vitamins are necessary for a whole host of functions in your body.  Most notably, they are calming for your nerves, help depression  and assist clear thinking.  In addition, the different B vitamins are for heart health, preventing birth defects, and for healthy hair, skin and nails.  B Vitamins are water soluble; this means that what you eat or supplement today is gone tomorrow.  Our natural, food based vitamins demonstrate this very well as they color your urine an orange tinge.  Your best food source of B vitamins is leafy green vegetables.  Can you eat enough salad to satisfy your body’s need for B vitamins?  I think that today’s fast paced, stressful lifestyle means we have greater demands for this vitamin than ever before and that supplementing with a B complex daily (or occasionally) is important.  In addition to needs for a B complex, there are times when a single B vitamin in needed.  Here are some examples.  The combination of B2 and Taurine (amino acid) seems to help prevent seizures in some individuals.  The combination of B6 and Marshmallow seems to help control urinary incontinence in women who have had a hysterectomy.  Frazzled nerves?  By all means try the multi-B stress complex; it works for many people.  If you’re a vegetarian, you need to supplement with B12 (as well as zinc and iron).  B6 and magnesium for carpal tunnel is recommended by many naturalists.   Niacin is recommended for lowering cholesterol; use the flush free niacin as regular niacin can give you the world’s worst hot flash.

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