Vitamin B17 – Laetrile

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apricot kernelVitamin B17 – Laetrile – gained notice as a cancer preventative and cure, in other countries, particularly Mexico.  The most common food source of Laetrile is apricot kernels.  Not all apricots have an edible kernel; only one particular variety of apricot does.  I have one growing in my yard and it fills my freezer with delicious apricots and started at a very young age.  These seeds are bitter and contain small amounts of cyanide–not toxic in these amounts. Most nuts produce a toxin in their brown skin as they dry to prevent animals from eating them.  Haven’t you ever wondered why squirrels bury their nuts?  It’s not just for storage, they harvest the nuts while they are still green (no brown skin) so that they can safely eat them later.

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