Vitamin C

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emergenCVitamin C is water soluble which means it  passes through your body and is not stored;  thus you may want to be sure you get enough vitamin C at least several times a week.  What does Vitamin C do for you?  I’m one of those people who take extra Vitamin C at the first sign of a cold because it does seem to help me and sometimes stops a cold from coming on.   Vitamin C also strengthens arteries, veins, and capillaries so if you’re a person who bruises easily, has varicose veins, or bulging capillaries (especially around the ankles), you may want to take regular supplemental vitamin C.   I believe in making supplementation easy (especially with children) so my favorite form of Vitamin C is Emergen-C mineral ascorbates which makes a nice glass of “juice” to enjoy with breakfast.  Emergen-C comes in a multitude of natural fruit flavors combined with other vitamins, mineral and nutrients, all readily absorbent.

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