Vitamin D

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D dotsVitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and can be stored in your body.  Your body manufactures Vitamin D from sunlight on exposed skin; at least 20 minutes a day is recommended (It’s called sunshine Vitamin D).  I think few of us are able to get 20 minutes of sunshine every day so you may want to consider supplementation.   The RDA for Vitamin D is 400IU’s and has been for a long time.  Research has shown that people with heart trouble are extremely low in Vitamin D so now doctors are recommending much larger amounts, sometimes as much as 4000IU’s, not just for people who already have heart trouble but as a preventative.   When I take 1000IU’s of Vitamin D,  I seem to  have more stamina.  I don’t feel as good taking 2000IU’s so 1000IU’s is my limit.  Here’s my antidote for gray day depression.    I take a  Vitamin A & D combo and it does seem to help me and other people whom I’ve told to brighten up on a gray day.  A lot of manufactured food is fortified with Vitamin D; milk for example.  The vitamins used by manufacturers are synthetic and poorly absorbed and used by your body.  You may not be getting adequate, absorbable Vitamin D from your diet.  Here’s one you can absorb.

Vitamin D3 and K2 Dots 60 Count
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