White Willow Bark

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White willowThe bark of the White Willow is a natural pain reliever that has been used since before the time of Christ and is effective for pain, fever, inflammation and menstrual cramps. It contains natural salicin which is the active ingredient upon which aspirin was based many years ago. White willow bark is a good, natural pain reliever plus it stops inflammation.  It has none of the side effects associated with pharmacy aspirin. White willows like moist soil and can be seen growing along the banks of rivers and streams. A friend and I were at the river one day when an old man stopped by. He cut a large twig off a nearby willow and stripped it of leaves. He then chewed on the stick. He had a toothache and his solution was to get his white willow first hand. It seemed to work, too. He told us you could cut a small branch and put it in moist soil and it would root and form another tree. He did this before he left, perhaps to ensure his supply of pain reliever.

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