Wild Yam Root

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wild yamWild Yam Root acts as a natural progesterone precursor, stimulating the body’s ability to produce natural testosterone and steroids in men and women. Wild Yam Root is important for women as a female hormone balancer, especially when women have menstrual pain during your monthly cycle. It acts as a progesterone precursor and thus is very useful during menopause. Wild Yam Root can relax muscle spasms and ease inflammation.  Wild Yam Root has also been used by athletes and body-builders for enhancing muscle building and athletic performance and used by men over 40 who are experiencing a reduction in male testosterone production, muscle loss, loss of physical strength and male sexual impotence. Wild yam is a vine with a tuberous root native to North America and found growing wild in this country.  It is not the same  “yam” or sweet potato that we eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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