Witch Hazel

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witch hazelWitch Hazel has long been used as a soothing lotion for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, sunburn and even the tender area of hemorrhoids.  It has the same effect as a topical steroid but without the side effects.  It can ease the itching and stinging associated with these conditions.  Its action is as a vasoconstrictor; it reduces the blood flow to the surface of the skin thus reducing the irritation.  You can see that this would help diminish varicose veins and hemorrhoids.  Witch Hazel is a native American plant that soon became popular over the rest of the world because of its effectiveness with hemorrhoids.  It’s an odd tree/shrub bursting into yellow stringy flowers in the middle of winter.  It was popular with native Americans and the rest of the world.  There’s a good reason it’s still around.  If you have those unmentionables (hemorrhoids), give it a try.

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