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acneAcne: Acne is definitely related to hormone imbalance, notably an increase in testosterone.  We see it predominantly in young boys going through puberty and, oddly enough, in women going through menopause.  The young boys are pumping testosterone and the older women are seeing their estrogen output decrease and their testosterone becoming more dominant as a result.   Your body already has a gland designed to maintain hormone balance, your thyroid.  An under active thyroid may mean it’s not up to the job of hormone balance.  My favorite thyroid “food” is Kelp.  For topical skin treatment, I like Thylox Soap.  This sulfur based soap produces quick improvement with acne.   You can take Burdock Root capsule for its ability to cleanse the blood, from the inside.  This helps to clear up an acne infection.  Aztec Indian Clay, applied to the face as a mask, is very effective at purifying the skin topically.  I especially like it when mixed with raw apple cider vinegar for a facial.  Use the clay one day a week and use the soap daily. You’ll see results in just a few days.

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