Allergy & Sinus Tea

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herb teaAllergy & Sinus Tea: Is your nose stuffy or sinuses bothering you?  This tea will enable you to breathe freely in just 5 or 10 minutes.  As little as a half cup will clear your sinuses & let you breathe easily & sleep soundly.  Other herbs in this blend combine to help heal & soothe your head congestion.   The numbers in front of each herb show the amount, by volume, to use.  If you were using teaspoons as  your volume, for example, you would start with 4 tsp. ginkgo, 2 tsp. peppermint–and so on.  To brew, use a heaping tsp. of herbs to a cup of boiling water.  Let steep 5 minutes.


2)  Peppermint Leaf 
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1)  Spearmint Leaf 


1)  Ginger root 


1Chamomile flower 

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