Bad Breath – Halitosis

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chlorophyllBad Breath – Halitosis.  Alfalfa Capsules will help to control mouth odor as well as overall body odor.  But find the cause of the odor and eliminate it, then you won’t have bad breath.  What are the two most common causes?  1) Infection in the mouth:  decayed teeth, gum disease, abscess.  If you can get dental care, please do.  Infections in the mouth are extremely dangerous as they can easily enter your bloodstream and become systemic or they can go to your heart.  2)  Another cause of bad breath is poor digestion.  Poor digestion is your body trying to digest food it can’t tolerate.  It can’t digest it, it stays in the stomach and ferments and the smells from that fermentation ends up in your mouth.  This is a case where you have to help yourself.  Make changes to what you eat.  A good guideline on what is ok for you to eat is the book “Eat Right 4 Your”

For that quick fix, here are some organic peppermints.

If you prefer, you can use a liquid chlorophyll which is made from 100% organic alfalfa.

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