Baker’s Cyst

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bakers cyst A Baker’s Cyst is a bulge behind the knee; it is formed when the bursa sac retains too much fluid and bulges backwards through the membrane covering the knee joint.  The “lump” that forms is usually about the size of a walnut.  It can also be painful as any swelling involves pain.  So the lubricating fluid isn’t moving and draining properly in your knee.  There are several things you can do.  Either Cayenne or Ginger Root Capsules will help improve circulation.  Devil’s Claw Tuber Capsules will help open lymph nodes and promote better drainage of fluid.  Lastly, MSM, a form of supplemental sulfur, will help to strengthen the membrane that holds the bursa sac in place.  I know from personal experience that these suggestions will work.  I had a Baker’s Cyst for months and months. It was quite painful.  I even, at one time, did deep knee bends to relieve the pressure.  It did all right.  The fluid drained down my calf (under the skin) and I had a fluid filled shin until my body reabsorbed it; but I still had the cyst.  I eventually found the right combination of herbs as I’ve described above.  The most miraculous of all is that it has never come back.  I believe the strengthening effect of MSM is the reason for that.

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