Blood Pressure – High and Low

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eat rightHigh blood pressure and low blood pressure are two different extremes. High blood pressure can kill you so we’ll talk about that first; low blood pressure isn’t any fun, either, so stay tuned.

High blood pressure, 95% of the time, is a lifestyle disease. If you are overweight, use a lot of caffeine (coffee or soda), sit at a desk all day, don’t take your vitamins, don’t get much exercise, and are under a lot of stress, you will have high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause stroke and heart attack and can do irreparable damage to your kidneys; without which you can’t live, either. If you lose weight, not only will your blood pressure improve, but also your blood sugar levels and your cholesterol levels. It’s up to you; you’re in charge of what you put in your mouth. There are many good diet plans available.

I’ve seen the most success with the book Eat Right 4 Your Type a food eating guide that lets you pick a wide variety of foods that are good for your blood type. Limit your caffeine. Again, you’re in charge of willpower.

Not enough exercise? Take a walk. You don’t have to go for the marathon, just a nice walk around the neighborhood. Go with a friend or family member, borrow your neighbor’s dog and walk it. Get your own dog; he’ll help solve your stress problem, too. Can’t handle a dog? Get a cat. It’s been proven that petting your furry friend lowers blood pressure and stress. Can’t have a pet? Well, there’s always B Stress Vitamins.

If you’ve heard about the wonders of garlic for lowering blood pressure, they are true. Kyolic Formula 100 is an aged garlic (odorless) with heart support herbs.

Low blood pressure seems to increase in severity as you age. You might find yourself on the ground when your blood pressure plummets; after a few minutes, your blood pressure normalizes and you “wake” up. It can leave you fuzzy headed. There are obvious dangers here; driving for one. Licorice will raise your blood pressure. Oh, and stay active; that keeps your blood pressure up to safe levels.

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