Bone Spurs

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heel cushionBONE SPURS:  Anyone who has had a bone spur can tell you how painful they are.   A bone spur forms as the body tries to protect itself by building extra bone. It typically forms in response to pressure or rubbing that continues over a long period of time.  This is much like a callous forming on your hand in response to heavy use.  You may take Yucca Root or Devil’s Claw Tuber capsules as both herbs help your body to dissolve mineral build-up such as occurs in spurs.  If your bone spur is on your foot, please wear different shoes.  Constant rubbing can cause the bone spur—much as it can cause a corn.  Also, look to modifying your diet as an over-acid body can cause you to develop bone spurs. If you’re not sure if you are over acid, you can test yourself with our  pH Kit, which is an easy to use test for your acid alkaline balance.  A common place for bone spurs is on your heel.  Do pitch the shoes you think caused this problem and to bring relief while healing, get a cushion designed for bone spurs.

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