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lavemder flowerBURNS:  When you get a burn you want to eliminate the heat as soon as possible because that heat is strong enough to keep doing damage, burning deeper and deeper. Your skin is protein and heat “cooks” protein.  Colloidal Silver sprayed on a burn will  immediately cool it and heal it and provides the antibacterial protection inherent in the silver.  Lavender in the form of flower water  will cool your burn.  If you don’t have either of these products, apply the juice from a fresh aloe leaf or apply honey.  If you have none of these on hand, at least cool the burn with running water.  Use cool water not cold or ice water.  Here are some more burn type remedies.

Sunburn is like any other burn.  If  your sunburn is hot, cool it down.  You may use witch hazel as it is easier to use over a large area.  Gently pat the witch hazel on the burn over and over until the heat goes away.  It will feel icy cold as you do this but this is just a contrast to the heat from the sunburn.  Witch hazel will help to prevent blistering by getting rid of the heat.

Chiles:  Can chilies cause a burn?  They sure can.  I once handled dried chilies with my bare hands making a wreath.  My lips and eyes began burning either from what I absorbed through my hands or from some essential oil given off while I handled the chilies.  You can apply honey to this type burn and it soothes it instantly.  Honey down the throat will also sooth your mouth if you’ve scalded it.

If you don’t have a favorite local source for honey, I have done business with YS Bee Farms for years and am pleased with all their products.

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