Candida Albicans

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candexCandida Albicans is one of the toughest conditions to work on and don’t think it’s just a woman’s complaint; plenty of men have come into the store with this complaint.  What makes the condition tough to work on is that you have to do so many things:  You must change your diet-get a book on a candida diet and follow it; you have to replace your natural bacteria with a probiotic and you have to get rid of the overgrowth to get ahead of it.   I can recommend Candex as the easiest and most effective product to use in getting rid of the overgrowth.  Being on an antibiotic kills not only the bad germs in your body but also the good bacteria–the ones that keep this fungal overgrowth in check.  If you are on an antibiotic, be prepared.  Candida can invade your whole body and, sadly, I’ve seen this passed from a mother to her newborn daughter.  Don’t let it get that far.

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