Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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tiger balmCarpal Tunnel is nerve compression at a place where the nerve passes between bones and ligaments in the wrist.  It can cause numbness, weaken your grip, and eventually result in constant pain.  The pain doesn’t always stay put as we know pain radiates up, in this case pausing at the joints (elbow and shoulder) to create even more pain in more places.  There are numerous opportunities to develop Carpal Tunnel.  Repetitive work with your hands, typing, handwriting for long periods, an injury to the wrist, swelling in the wrist such as caused by water retention.  Anything that compresses that nerve can cause Carpal Tunnel pain.

Oddly enough, the increase in Carpal Tunnel has been linked to a food dye which interferes with your absorption of Vitamin B6.  This dye is added to every packaged food you buy; so, you are eating it.  It is FD&C Yellow.  You might start reading labels and you may have to give up Twinkies and Mellow Yellow.

Most people with Carpal Tunnel clench their hands into fists at night, when they sleep.  This isn’t a conscious action and it does increase the pressure on the compressed nerve.  A hand brace that keeps you from clenching at night would be very beneficial.  Most of the braces I’ve seen are quite bulky and would be difficult to sleep in.  If you can’t find one that is light weight for night, make your own.  Tape a popsicle stick crossways to the palm of your hand so you can’t fold it into a clench.  The only medical solution available now is surgery and many of our customers have had multiple surgeries on the same wrist. To help with the pain, try Tiger Balm ointment.

Lack of Vitamin B6 is linked to the cause of the problem so supplementing with this vitamin may be a natural solution.  Remember, though that yellow food dye may prevent you absorbing this vitamin so do watch what you eat and drink.  This vitamin is water soluble and passes through your body each day so do supplement daily.  Magnesium supplementation also helps.  If you’ve figured out what activity has caused the problem, do try to change it.  A different keyboard if you’re typing, a different pen if you’re writing, a different job if you can bid on another.

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