Ceramic Knife

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kyoceraCeramic Knife by Kyocera.  I got my first ceramic knife in 2008 and have been a fan ever since; I’ve even added some of their other appliances such as a potato peeler and mandoline.  The knife is incredibly sharp and literally cuts like everything is butter.  I am mostly vegetarian but it cuts meat, too.  Don’t think vegetables are sissies; they can dull knives pretty fast as it seemed I was always having to sharpen my metal knives.  Not so, the ceramic knife.  I had my first knife for over 4 years before I sent it off to be sharpened.  Guess what?  Kyocera sharpens your knife for free, for ever, for just the cost of postage.  I use a wooden cutting board which I think is easier on any knife.  Hope you try one.  It will brighten your time in the kitchen.

This is the peeler and gives you the option to peel with a “push” or peel with a “pull.”  I use both.  The pull glides through tough jobs like peeling winter squash.

The ceramic mandoline will give you perfect paper thin (or thicker) slices with the easiest touch,

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