Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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nadhThe name Chronic Fatigue Syndrome tells you something about this ailment. A syndrome is a collection of symptoms that appear together yet the cause has not been identified. If enough people exhibit the same or similar symptoms, the ailment will be classified as a syndrome; thus CFS became official about 1988. The term “Chronic Fatigue” describes its most dominant symptom; tiredness so great that your energy might be reduced by half. There are eight to eleven criteria or signs that have to be present to be classified as CFS and this is a medical evaluation. Besides, you’ll feel so bad, you’ll be seeing a doctor anyway.

Numerous culprits have been proposed as the cause, but none proven. The one thing that does appear in about 85% of the CFS sufferers is food allergy. Food is such an important basis for your health that it would be worth it to “Eat Right 4 Your Type”. This is a book that gives dietary guidelines based on your blood type. There are lots of things you can eat but there is also a list of foods you should avoid; these foods would be your most likely allergens. When I first started using this book, my reaction was “No way. I’m not giving these things up.” Most of my garden was full of food that I wasn’t supposed to eat. After the garden was put to rest in the Fall, I again got out my blood type book and decided to test some of the foods. I eliminated tomatoes and peppers and chiles from my diet for one month. At the end of the month, I made a pot of chili with all those plus ground beef and kidney beans–both of which I should avoid. It was delicious! Oh, did I suffer! I’d felt like this before and always assumed it was because I ate too much. No. It was because I ate the wrong food. After dinner, I felt stuffed to the gills and instead of getting up and doing something, retired to my chair and a book; I didn’t feel like doing anything. I was bloated and started to get congested, even wheezing. Point made. But even with this experience, I tested tomatoes and other foods several times before finally giving them up because of the same reaction. I hope my experience will help to convince you how important your food choices are to your health. Another dietary point: refined sugar and caffeine seem to aggravate this condition.

A supplement that many of our customers with CFS said makes them feel a little better is NADH. Another thing that may help is Vitamin A & D. People with CFS seem to avoid sunlight and this vitamin combination restores healthy levels of these nutrients. Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin.

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