Congestive Heart Failure

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congestive heartCongestive heart failure refers to the heart’s inability to pump enough blood to support your bodily functions. Signs might be shortness of breath, lack of energy, pale skin, and fatigue. Causes can be high blood pressure, heart valve damage, chronic lung disease (asthma). The heart may actually enlarge, making it even less effective at pumping blood. You need to be under a doctor’s care to find and treat the cause of congestive heart failure but there are some natural things you can do that will not interfere with your doctor’s treatment.

COQ10 is a supplement that oxygenates your muscles; your heart is one, large muscle that especially benefits from it. If you have pale skin at the start of taking this supplement, you may notice that your skin gets rosier once you’re on it; a good sign that more oxygen in in your body.

Hawthorn Berry could be called “heart” berry because it’s number one for strengthening and regulating your heart.

Magnesium is also important for your heart as it promotes a steady, strong heartbeat. Don’t forget a sensible diet. That’s always number one on any list because without it, all the prescriptions and supplements in the world aren’t going to help.

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