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coughA productive cough, one in which you are trying to cough up phlegm, should not be discouraged.  Cough away.  That’s the point of the cough, to get rid of the congestion.  A non-productive cough–no congestion–can be tiring and painful.  This might occur when you have a dry, tickling throat and here’s what you can do for it.  Coat the throat with something soothing.  A teaspoon of honey will do it, so will slippery elm lozenges. 

Another type cough can be from sinus drainage.  As the drainage passes your bronchial opening, you have to cough it up.  Keep coughing but if you want to stop it, stop the sinus drainage.

Another type cough can actually be fungal related.  People report it feels like something is in the throat but nothing coughs up.  We find that taking black walnut hull capsule (just one daily) gives quick relief.  Black walnut is anti-fungal.

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