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horehoundHorehound has documented use for thousands of years especially as a good, safe decongestant.  It was even used to worm farm animals because of it anti-microbial action.  As a plus, it repels grasshoppers.  Actually, because it’s bitter, it repels all kinds of grazing animals.  It’s an easy to grow annual that reseeds itself quickly, once established.  It can become a weed in a field, but can be controlled in your garden.  Here is a recipe for a decongestant tea (safe for babies) that will give you quick decongestant results.  Should you want to make horehound candy, steep the tea until room temperature, strain, add sugar and cook to hard ball stage on a candy thermometer.

herb tea

Decongestant Tea:  This tea will break up chest congestion enabling you to cough & clear your lungs, an important step to aid in your recovery from flu or a chest cold. It has a bitter flavor from the horehound (remember horehound candy?).  A little honey will help that.  This gentle formula is even safe for babies a half teaspoon at a time.  The numbers in front of each herb show the amount, by volume, to use.  If you were using teaspoons as your volume, for example, you would start with 2 tsp. horehound, 3 tsp.peppermint–and so on.  To brew, use a heaping tsp. of herbs to a cup of boiling water.  Let steep 5 minutes.

Use 2 teabags of horehound leaf.
2)  Horehound leaf  

3)  Peppermint leaf  

1)  Cinnamon bark 


1)  Lemon peel  

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