Diuretic – Water Retention – Bloating

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bloating2Dandelion capsule is a good, natural diuretic that happens to be high in potassium so it doesn’t deplete your body of this important mineral.  Celery, both the plant and seeds, acts as a diuretic.   If a diuretic doesn’t solve your problem, you might want to check out the possibility of a kidney infection—which could cause you to retain fluid.  Also, if your lymph nodes get plugged up, this would slow down your circulation and cause you to retain fluid.  Yucca Root capsules help open your kidneys and  Devil’s Claw Tuber capsules does the same for your lymph nodes.   Another aid to this problem is the homeopathic tissue salt Nat Mur which helps regulate your body’s sodium/water balance.  Another type water retention is one that occurs when you’ve had an allergic reaction, perhaps to something you ate.  You feel extremely full and may even get a little congested.  Your body is producing histamine and fluid is building in your body making you feel full.  This calls for a little more direct remedy and that is Burdock Root.  Burdock is a great anti-histamine and in just a few minutes the fluid will stop building and will drain away.  Where does it drain to?  Your bladder so you’ll need to urinate.

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