Ear Candles

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You probably think I’m putting you on about ear candles but they’ve been around for thousands of years, even showing up in Egyptian tombs.  The candles are hollow, made with linen & waxed with paraffin or bees wax.  The large end is lit (like a candle) & when the narrow end starts puffing smoke out, it is gently inserted into the ear canal—not deeply, just enough so smoke doesn’t escape around the ear.  The warm smoke puffing into your ear canal softens & melts ear wax; the chimney effect created by the hollow candle brings this wax out & it is burned along with the candle.

If you’ve used cotton swabs to clean out your ears, you’ve actually been packing in the ear wax.   If you have chronic infections or water on the ear, the ear candles will provide immediate relief from the pressure by drawing out infection & fluid.   If you have chronic sinus or teeth infections, your ears may be working overtime to produce wax to protect the ear from infection.  You can restore your hearing with ear candles.

I had an opportunity to thoroughly test ear candles.  Here’s what happened.   I personally fell into the category of cotton swab user.  Then I went through a time when I was fighting tooth infection.  One evening, after getting out of the shower (the heat of the shower had softened the ear wax), I started to use a cotton swab.  I ruptured my ear drum.  There was so much wax built up that I barely put the swab in my ear when I did it.  I didn’t panic because I knew the ear drum would grow back in a few months.  What I did find out was that hearing out of one ear only I had no sense of direction of where sound came from.  I could actually only hear one sound at a time.  If two people were talking or one person & some background noise, I couldn’t understand any of it.  I didn’t understand anyone talking behind me; I had to point my ear at them to hear them clearly.

I was still fighting major teeth problems so I was still building a lot of ear wax.  I lost the hearing in my other ear & became almost totally deaf.  I gained new respect for the people who were hard of hearing or had lost their hearing.  I was one of them.  I found it very easy to shut myself off from other company because communication was so difficult & tiring.  I constantly had to strain to hear & understand.  My brain worked differently; it had lost a key sensor.  I felt out of touch with nature & the living world around me.  I was alone inside my body.  I finally conquered my teeth problems; now to my hearing.  I decided to use ear candles & enlisted the help of a friend.  I wanted her to help me candle my ears & I wanted to candle hers as a sort of control.  We candled nightly.  I was still building a lot of ear wax, in fact it sounded like lava flowing inside my head.  Candling daily relieved the pressure this caused.  My friend had to quit being candled after about a week because she said her hearing had become so sensitive, it was almost painful.  We did me another week, then I stopped when the massive ear wax build-up quit.  A few weeks later, both ears popped open & I could hear again.  PS  I’ve never used another cotton swab.

It isn’t necessary for you to candle your ears daily—mine was an extreme case.  But candling will remove excess wax build-up, old ear wax, infectious material, water, the beetle that flew into your ear 10 years ago, & (as one customer reported), candling relieved the constant ear ringing he had endured for years (tinnitus).

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