Healing Herbal Tea

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herb teaHealing Herbal Tea:  This herb combination is very effective in promoting internal healing & offers quick pain relief.  I’ve made this tea & given it to friends for all kinds of internal pain such as from endometriosis, recovery after surgery, sprained ankles, & for arthritis pain.  It is also effective on lesions & scar tissue, old wounds that can continue to cause pain & discomfort. Oh yes, it did stop the pain.  The numbers in front of each herb show the amount, by volume, to use.  If you were using teaspoons as your volume, for example, you would start with 6 tsp. white willow bark, 3 tsp. fennel seed–and so on.  To brew, use a heaping tsp. of herbs to a cup of boiling water.  Let steep 5 minutes.

6)  White willow bark  

Use 3 fennel tea bags.
3)  Fennel seed  

2)  Lavender flowers  

1)  Spearmint leaf   

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