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herb tea
            Herbal teas offer a delicious range of flavors for those who want a non-caffeine drink or want the healing benefits inherent in the herbs.  Don’t be shocked by what the herbs look like.  If you’ve only had an herbal tea in a tea bag before, you’ve never noticed that the herbs look like a bunch of dried weeds, grass clippings, dead flowers, & is that really wood in there?  Yep, that’s herbal tea.

Will the herbs in these teas really work on your health problems?  Yes & very quickly.  The Allergy & Sinus tea, for example, may stop your sniffling in as little as 5 minutes.  The herbal essences are quickly absorbed into your system in hot tea.

Not all the teas have a great flavor.  Some of the healing teas use herbs with a bitter or other unpleasant flavor.  If we tried to mask the flavor, we could be altering the effectiveness of the herbal blend.  Think of it this way:  if it tastes bad, that’s God’s way of saying you don’t need too much.   Here’s a list of my special tea blends and the tea name tells you what it’s going to do for you.  Give it a try.  This could be your first step to becoming your own herbal pharmacist.

All Symptom Cold & Flu Tea     Allergy & Sinus Tea     Cough & Sore Throat Tea    Decongestant Tea    Eye Repair Tea    Healing Herbal Tea    Kidney & Bladder Tea    Prostate Tea

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