How to Grow Aloe Vera

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aloe vera Aloe is an important plant for a number of reasons. Most people know of it as the burn plant because of its ability to sooth and heal burns. There’s more, too.

How to Grow Aloe Vera.  For this one, you might want a “hard” pot (plastic or clay) as you will want to bring this plant inside for the winter (it’s hardy to zone 8).  Give it plenty of room because a happy aloe plant will produce lots of babies.  A 10″ or 12″ pot will be full of babies as the plant divides at the root.  You can give the “children” away as gifts to friends.  A little sun in the morning is all it needs and it seems to like less water than other house plants.  Do put it outside on the porch in summer and it will probably need more water during the hot months.   Ask among your friends and acquaintances if they have an aloe they would be willing to share.  If not, you can get one here.

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