How to Grow Burdock Root

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burdockUSES:  An excellent blood cleanser (and cleanser for the liver), it acts like an antihistamine for allergies and like cortisone for itchy skin.

How to Grow Burdock Root–and you’re asking why you should grow this weed?  It is one of the most recommended herbs on my site because it is useful in so many healing situations.  I would hate to be without it.  Burdock is planted from seed in early spring and harvested in the fall as leaves start to die.  The long, skinny roots can be 1′ to 2′ so a deep pot in required.  Also, it prefers full sun or bright light most of the day.  Follow instructions on your seed packet.  Young leaves can be cooked and eaten like spinach and picking the flowers and burrs off promotes bigger roots.  Do let some go to seed for next year’s crop.  The easiest way to preserve your burdock root is to clean the root, chop it finely, let it dry thoroughly.  When needed, brew it as a tea, simmering it in water for about 5 minutes.

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