How to Grow Dandelion

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dandelionUSES:  Dandelion is a natural diuretic high in potassium (it’s the high potassium that makes the greens bitter); it also stimulates the production of bile, aiding in your digestion.  It is also a good blood cleanser.  Dandelion greens have more Vitamin A than almost any other vegetable.

How to Grow Dandelion.  You’re wondering why when most people spend their lives trying to get rid of dandelion in their lawns.  It’s not a pest; it’s a wonderful herb and every part of the plant is used.  The flowers are used to make dandelion wine.  The cool weather greens (in spring and fall) are good in salads or cooked with other greens, and the root (with the strongest properties) can be cut, dried, roasted slightly and used to make a healthful tea.  This herb was in the medical pharmacopeia that lists all plants to be used for medicinal purposes by doctors and druggists.  This is a deep rooted plant so use a pot at least 12″ deep.  It does well in full sun or part shade.  I have a pet dandelion plant in a bed next to my house that only gets indirect light and it is magnificent (and delicious). This remarkable plant with the brilliant yellow flowers provides early spring nectar for bees and other insects. Oh, and its cousin is the sunflower.

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