How to Grow Elderberry

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elderberryUSES:  Elderberry is the only known plant that stops a virus from reproducing, thus shortening any viral infection you might have.  The flowers, soaked in pure water, are used as a skin tonic, especially for the face.

How to Grow Elderberry.   York is the variety of elderberry I suggest (there are many) because it has the largest berry and is self fertile; it doesn’t require cross pollination to produce fruit.  Use a 10 gallon pot and keep the plant trimmed and neat.  It will send up shoots from the root so you’ll soon have a potful.  Harvest the berries when ripe and dry them, freeze them, or make them into a tincture.  To make a tincture, soak them in vodka, strain off the liquid and sweeten with honey.  This is now shelf stable and needs no other preservation.

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