How to Grow Feverfew

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feverfewUSES:  Feverfew relaxes long, smooth muscles and has long been useful for treating migraine headaches.  It is also beneficial for muscle cramps.  It seems most effective when cramping or headache are associated with a woman’s monthly hormone cycle.

How to Grow Feverfew.  Feverfew is a short lived perennial flower and once started, will reseed itself generously each year.  You won’t ever be without it.  Sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil in your pot (or garden) and pat the seeds in to give them some support.  Water gently such as with a fine mist sprayer until the seeds sprout.  Give the pot at least a half day of sunlight.  It is the leaf that is used medicinally and this can be collected and dried, or use fresh.  Once, a visiting friend complained of a migraine.  I went into the garden and picked some feverfew leaves and flowers and put them in a clear glass bowl with distilled water.  I set the bowl in the sun for 30 minutes then brought it in, strained it and offered it to my friend.  She drank it and in minutes the migraine was gone.  True story, folks.

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