How to Grow Garlic

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garlicUSES:  Before the discovery of penicillin garlic was the antibiotic of choice.  It is still useful today as an antibiotic and is known to lower blood pressure.  It is also a great flavoring for food.

How to Grow Garlic.  This will be fun.  Get your garlic (from here, the grocery store or your refrigerator), separate into cloves, put in your pot root side pointing down and cover with 5″ of soil.  You may want a pot at least 12″ high.  If you’re planting outside and your soil is heavy clay, you should probably plant at 3″ or 4″.  In zone 6, garlic is planted in September or October, spends the winter thinking, then shoots up very early spring.  By July, it has flowered and the flowers are beginning to die.  This is the time to dig your garlic.  If it has matured, each individual clove will have made a full garlic bulb, full of cloves.  Every now and then I get one that has not cloved but is whole like an onion.  I usually save these to replant later.  Save some garlic to replant and store the rest in a cool, dark place.  By the way, your garlic will leave some babies in the soil, about the size of a fingernail.  Use another pot for your next planting and let the babies mature.  When they come up in the spring, you can use the tender greens for flavoring.  I like elephant garlic where a single clove can be almost as large as an egg.  Very mild flavor.  You can probably find it in the produce section of a very large supermarket.

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