How to Grow Goldenrod

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goldenrodUSES: Goldenrod is used for kidney and bladder ailments, provides relief to asthmatics, and is anti fungal.

How to Grow Goldenrod.  I suggest starting with a plant and the one I’ve chosen is short enough to grow in a pot or in a small space in your garden.  Goldenrod blooms late summer and well into Fall providing a splash of vivid yellow when it’s most welcome.  You’ll use the flowers to make a tincture (a mixture preserved in alcohol–in this case vodka).  As you gather flowers, put them in a jar with vodka and keep in a sunny window.  Continue to add flowers to the jar for the growing season.  You can store your goldenrod this way or you can strain the liquid into a bottle and add a little honey to sweeten.  This is very concentrated so you only need a little at a time, say a teaspoon.

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