How to Grow Peppermint

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peppermintUSES: Peppermint has strong pain relieving properties and the simple act of crushing some leaves and holding them at your temples can relieve a headache.  Inhale the aroma and get some sinus relief.  Steep them in a cup with boiling water and sip the tea; it’s a great digestive aid and a delightful tea.

How to Grow Peppermint.  I suggest starting with a plant.  Your local nursery may have them in early spring or a friend might have some in the garden.  You can pull a sprig and it comes up with roots attached so pop it into your pot and water it down.  Peppermint does best with even moisture and seems to prefer half sun.  There are many varieties of mint out there so make sure to get peppermint (mentha piperita).  When the plant starts to flower you can collect and dry some leaves.  Just spread them in a shallow cardboard box in a cool, dark place.  Or, cut and tie some stems tightly and hang them to dry.  Midway through flowering, I like to trim the flowers off half the plant.  This encourages new growth and means you’ll always have fresh mint for use in the kitchen.  In case you can’t find a plant, you can start from the beginning–seeds.

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