How to Grow Your Own Medicine Chest

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smart potGrow Your Own Medicine Chest.  If you didn’t have a health food store or Amazon to go to for your natural remedies, what would you do?  Well, you could grow your own.  If you have a house and yard, you have room to grow herbs.  If you don’t have a house and yard but a small apartment, you can still grow your own.  I’ve selected 11 herbs that grow happily in pots just about anywhere in the country.   Click on each link to see how to grow each plant, how to harvest it and its benefits.  Or, inquire “How to grow” on this site.

Aloe vera     Burdock Root     Cayenne Pepper     Chamomile Flower     Dandelion     Echinacea     Elderberry – York     Feverfew     Garlic     Goldenrod     Peppermint

An economic way to get started is with smart pots; pots made from fabric.   This is the 5 gallon size; if you live in a hot climate, you might want to use 10 gallon as this would hold moisture longer or set your pot in a plastic dishpan that holds plenty of water.  Your local garden center can provide the potting soil.  I prefer potting soil without chemical fertilizers (which they all seem to have nowadays), so would make my own by combining peat moss, vermiculite and a little dirt or sand.

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