Hyperglycemia – Diabetes

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cinnamonHyperglycemia is a high blood sugar condition, more commonly known as diabetes. One of two causes can be the problem. In the first, the pancreas does not excrete enough insulin to process sugar; in the second, your cells become insulin resistant and will not allow the sugar to be absorbed; it stays in your blood stream. Type 1 diabetes indicates your pancreas does not produce any insulin. You will need to take insulin for the rest of your life; supplying what your pancreas cannot manufacture. Type 2 diabetes usually occurs after 40 and is frequently the result of diet and lifestyle. It is usually the result of insulin resistance where the cells won’t let the sugar in. Of course, there are other factors such as damage to the pancreas from trauma or a virus.

Diabetes can kill you so put some effort into helping yourself. Being overweight is the number one factor in diabetes and is so important that if normal weight is regained, many Type 2 diabetics return totally to normal. If you are overweight you probably know what to do about it; control what you put in your mouth. You probably already have studied diets and have plenty of information to start on weight loss. It’s time to give yourself a pep talk, renew your willpower and resolve, and get on with it. The future for a diabetic is not bright. The high blood sugar is breaking down your entire circulatory system; arteries, veins and capillaries. This affects every part of your body that relies on healthy blood and good circulation to function.

While you’re working to do better, there are some natural supplements that can help you and that will not interfere with your doctor’s instructions.

Bitter Melon  has been used by many diabetics to help balance and control blood sugar.

Alpha Lipoic Acid  is especially useful as it cleans up garbage that is both fat and water soluble; with diabetes, you do create “garbage” throughout your body.

Cinnamon extract has also been successful in controlling diabetes.

A diet high in fiber is also very helpful as it slows down the conversion of food to sugar. Don’t even think about eating sweets; think about getting rid of diabetes.

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