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itchingChances are, if you’re itching, you know what caused it.  That is, you got near some poison ivy, your skin is very dry, or you have a mosquito bite.  Itching can also occur as a result of an allergic reaction.  Burdock Root capsules can quickly stop the itching.  It acts like a blood cleanser and anti-histamine.  If you have “jock itch”, you’re probably taking something for it.  But, also apply a dusting of cornstarch (available at the grocery store) to the area affected.  This helps to soothe the area by drying and acting as a dry lubricant so your clothes don’t irritate the jock itch.  When I’m doing a body cleanse, the back of my neck itches.  If I’m not already drinking a lot of water, I start at the first sign of itching.  This helps to dilute the irritant causing the itching, lessening the irritation.  Occasionally, I’ll itch in my lower back.  I know this is where my kidneys are and I figure I’m passing something irritating out of my body.  Again, I help the process by drinking lots of water.

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