Nutritional Yeast

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nutritional yeastNutritional Yeast (not the same as Brewer’s yeast) has a mild, cheese like flavor and is used in many recipes for cheese substitutes as well as for its nutritional value.  Rich in B vitamins, minerals and amino acids (proteins), it is a natural super food and very easy to use.  Sprinkle it on popcorn or mix in with your scrambled eggs; use it anywhere a mild cheesy flavor would be good.  Although rich in the B vitamins, Nutritional Yeast does not have B12.  However, this product has been fortified with B12.  I’ve used Frontier’s nutritional yeast for many years and like the flavor, the price and the way it is processed using the “cold” method.  If you’re lactose sensitive and would like to make your own dairy-free dairy, here is a great book to get you started, The Uncheese Cookbook.

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