Prostate Tea

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herb teaThis blend of herbs will relieve prostate swelling & will help fight infection, conditions most men, young or old, will encounter throughout life.  If you find urination difficult or if you have to get up at night to urinate, then this tea will help solve those problems.  Do get relief as soon as possible as prostate swelling can cause you to retain urine, which could lead to a more serious infection.  This tea makes a good maintenance tea, too. Use it once a week to prevent prostate problems. Being a lady, I couldn’t test this tea but one of the people who did was my 70 year old neighbor.  His comment was “I could write my name in the snow, again.”   The numbers in front of each herb show the amount, by volume, to use.  If you were using teaspoons as your volume, for example, you would start with 2 tsp. sarsaparilla, 2 tsp. dandelion leaf–and so on.  To brew, use a heaping tsp. of herbs to a cup of boiling water.  Let steep 5 minutes.

2)   Sarsaparilla root: 

Use 2 tea bags.
2)   Dandelion leaf: 

2)   Nettle leaf: 

Use 2 tea bags.
2)   Siberian Ginseng root:

1) Ginkgo Leaf:

Use 2 tea bags.
2)   Echinacea herb: 

Use 2 tea bags.
1)   Goldenseal herb: 

1)   Bladderwrack: 

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