Quantum Touch

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quantum touchQuantum Touch is a book that can show you how to become an energy healer.  Everyone can do it, all you have to do is believe you can.  I feel that this is a skill we all have or had only we forgot how to do it.  This book will bring it back for you.  My experience with quantum touch on the receiving end was when I tripped and fell hard on both knees without having time to put out my hands to break my fall.  I didn’t break my kneecaps but I knew I was in deep trouble.  I called my friend who was practicing quantum touch (apparently quite successfully) and asked for her help.  By now, I can’t walk, my knees are red and swelling and the throbbing pain is taking my breath away.  I’d done what I could with liniments but it wasn’t enough.  My friend stopped by my house and started quantum touch on my knees.  Immediately, the pain started easing and in minutes it was gone.  The redness was gone and the swelling was reduced.  This wasn’t entirely the end because I had to go through healing but the excruciating pain never came back and I was able to function, carefully.  Book by Richard Gordon.

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Discover the hidden secrets nature has to offer. For over 25 years, I have been teaching people how to use natural herbs to make homeopathic remedies, tonics, elixirs, tinctures, formulas and secret recipes to relieve the symptoms of common ailments, protect your health and live a vibrant healthy life. – Mickey Ann Thienes