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salt inhalerSalt Therapy has been around for thousands of years and salt was and still is a valuable trade commodity.  A hundred years ago, there were no freezers and canning was not the easy process it is today.  You were most likely to preserve your green beans by packing them in salt.  Salt was also used to preserve ham and bacon, and cucumbers packed in a salt brine became sour pickles.  I recommend several forms of salt therapy on this site including the use of mineral rich salt in your diet.  Check out Sodium, Healing Baths, Neti Pot, Sel GrisSalt Brine Therapy, and crystal Salt Lamp.  The item featured on this post is a salt inhaler and, indeed, anyone with allergies, sinus problems, congestion, or lung problems can benefit from using one.  At one time, I sold salt lamps wholesale and had a small warehouse area in the back of my store that housed hundreds of salt lamps.  In the few years I handled these products, none of my employees or I ever got sick.  Not so much as a sniffle.   The benefit of the salt environment came home to us when I got out of the business.  No more salt lamps except the few in the store for decoration.  And, sure enough, we were back to the usual ailments of a cold or flu or allergy flare up.  I’ve used a salt inhaler and find it easier to breathe deeply after using one.

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