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Herbal-pharmacyOur original drugstore, or pharmacy, was a small building and a large garden because most of our “drugs” were plants.  The plants were grown, harvested and carefully dried for use by the pharmacist when presented with a prescription from a doctor or a request from a  a sick customer.  The plants and their properties were described in the official pharmacopeia of the medical world–which nowadays is taken up with chemical drugs.  But, back then, plants ruled.  Those plants listed in the pharmacopeia also had the term “officinalis” as part of their botanical name and many are commonly used today–in the garden.  Most of them had few or no side effects and certainly not the long list of life threatening side effects of most drugs today.  You might be surprised to learn that these plants were “medicine” back then and I hope you are pleased that they are still available.   Some of them are rosemary, calendula, lemon balm, valerian, lavender, peony, sage,  marshmallow, borage, asparagus, ginger, hyssop, sarsaparilla, lovage, allspice, and dandelion, to name just a few.

If you are interested in herbology you will want this book in your collection.  No longer available  new, it is reasonably priced as a used book.  It is Linda Rector Page’s book “Be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist.”

How to Be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist
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