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flourYou’re wondering what flour (yes, wheat flour) is doing on a natural remedy site.  We didn’t always have activated charcoal capsules for stomach ailments from indigestion to gas to food poisoning.   Grandma knew what to do.  Take flour (white or wheat) and put it in a dry skillet.  Cook it, stirring constantly, until a very dark brown, almost black.  Take a tsp. of flour and mix it with water or juice until you have a paste you can eat, or more water until you can drink it.  The burnt flour absorbs many times its volume in toxins and will ease indigestion and absorb waste from food poisoning.  Grandma also knew to dust a baby’s bottom with this when there was diaper rash.  Too much trouble for you?  Make something similar with bread.  Toast it several times until nicely charcoal.  It’s okay to butter it, then eat it.  This doesn’t sound good but tastes wonderful when you don’t feel good, even with a cold.  Just so you know, your kitchen has lots of remedies you can use.

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