Olive Oil

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olive oilOlive oil is not only good for your salad and skillet, but also for your skin and gall bladder.   If you’re sensitive to the scents and preservatives in the usual body lotions, you’ll find olive oil to be very soothing and healing for your skin.  It’s also great for massage.  And, yes, I did say gall bladder.  This may be one of its more unique uses–to stimulate the gall bladder.  If you have gall bladder problems you’re familiar with the pain in your right side after eating, especially fried foods.  Your gall bladder is located on  your right side just under your rib cage towards the top center of your body.  Slide your fingers over the bottom rib on that side and press.  If it’s tender, your gall bladder may be plugged up or have stones, preventing it from working properly.  You can use this remedy to help shed some gall stones.  Take a teaspoon and add a few drops of fresh lemon juice, a few grains of salt and olive oil.  Drink it down.  (Think of it as salad dressing).  This stimulates your gall bladder to produce bile and may help to shed a stone or two while doing this.  This works and if you’re on the fringe of gallbladder problems, my help you to get over them.  The permanent cure, of course, is to change your diet.  Your diet is how you got gall stones in the first place.  What makes olive oil so special?  Actually, the olive is a fruit and its oil is fruit oil which is very rare indeed.  (Avocado is another fruit with a high oil content).  Fruit oil is very high in minerals and other particles that help to keep your body neat and tidy from the inside. Unfiltered olive oil has even more of the good stuff, antioxidants that help protect your health.

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