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cabbageScientific study has proven that eating cabbage several times a week is a powerful anti-cancer remedy, even more powerful than broccoli, which has been touted in recent years.  But let’s not take away from the others in this family, the brassicas, which also include Brussels sprouts, kale, turnips, radish and kohlrabi.   These, too, have anti-cancer properties.  The key here is eating it before cancer develops because it is a preventative.  The chemical components of cabbage can go into your body and “disarm” precancerous activity–so cancer never forms.  A poultice is made from the darker outer leaves or the dark leaves of savoy cabbage which are chopped finely and mixed with distilled water.  This is put on leg ulcers or varicose veins.  Wrap in cloth and cover with plastic wrap if too watery.  This poultice is also good applied to any swelling and helps to draw out the heat of the ailment.  Cole slaw is said to ensure a clear complexion.  Sauerkraut juice or raw cabbage juice will stop ulcers.  Cabbage is good for lead poisoning.

This is savoy cabbage:
savoy cabbage

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