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onionOnions are among the oldest foods used for healing.  They were and still are recommended for any congestion from cold or flu or pneumonia.  The onions help kill bacteria and expel congestion.  To make your own cough syrup, chop an onion finely and cover with honey.  Allow to sit 4 hours then use the juice as a cough syrup.  This can be prepared and stored in your freezer to have on hand when you need it.  An old tale tells about a farmer whose family were the only ones not affected by a state wide flu epidemic.  When investigated, it was discovered he had onions in every room of his house, drying.  He said the onions attracted infection to them and killed the infection.  I’ve kept onions out ever since.  Not in every room but in those places where I spend the most time.  No, I haven’t had the flu in over 15 years.  A friend remembers when she had pneumonia as a child and was very sick.  Her Grandma made an onion poultice and wrapped it around her chest.  She slept with that poultice on and in the morning, her Grandma removed it.  It was black and stinky and there was a hole in her chest where it looked like the onions had pulled out the infection.  Another justification for using onions relates to food poisoning.  When investigating cases of food poisoning, scientists look for anything with onions in it, such as potato salad, because the onion will contain any infectious bacteria if it’s around.   A bag of onions is an inexpensive form of prevention and it won’t hurt you.  Note:  Super sweet onions, such as Vidalia, don’t store as well as their not-so-sweet yellow cousins.

While we’re at it, let’s make onion soup.  There are a lot of onion soup recipes out there but this one is quick and easy.

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Slice 3 medium or 2 large onions in quarters about 1/4″ thick.  Don’t use the super sweet onions as they have a tendency to cook to mush and not hold any shape.  Check the little paper label you see on onions; it will say “sweet” if they are.  Add some olive oil to a large stock pot and cook onions.

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We’re going to cook the onions until caramelized.  This can take awhile.  Be patient and stir them up.  When they start to brown, be a little more attentive.  I like a good pinch of French Tarragon so add it now.  Next add 32oz. vegetable broth (or beef) and bring to a boil.


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Have 4 or 5 tsp. arrowroot or cornstarch mixed in broth handy.  When the soup boils, add the arrowroot half at a time and stir; cook to desired thickness.


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It’s ready to eat along with a sandwich of your choice.




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