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carrots2If you’re going to eat carrots, please start from scratch.  That is, buy whole organic carrots, peel them and cook them.  It doesn’t take a lot of your precious time and the resulting dish is superior to a canned or frozen carrots.  Organic carrots are readily available even from smaller markets.  You can find organic carrots for juicing in bulk packs starting at 10lbs. and they are usually a bargain price.  They have the tips broken off, so aren’t as pretty but this is offset by their sweetness.  You don’t have to juice them, just peel and cook.  Don’t worry, carrots store a long time and these are so delicious, you’ll eat more.

This is today’s carrot. Check out the colored carrots (antiques) that have been proven to be more nutritious.

Carrots are a better source of beta carotene than any supplement because they are easily absorbed by everyone.  The beta carotene is released when the carrots are cooked.  Not to mush, please.  A fresh, sliced carrot will be tender in about 5 minutes in simmering water.  On the raw side, one doctor/researcher recommends giving all children a raw carrot stick to eat with dinner.  His research shows this chewing can strengthen a child’s jaw and allow for strong teeth to be formed.  Makes sense to me.  Carrots are good for heart health, are protective against cancer for people who have quit smoking, and contribute to good bowel function and eyesight. Even more nutritious are the old fashioned carrots which were red and purple and other dark colors. You can buy seed and grow your own antiques.

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