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Garlic, like its cousin the onion, has been renown for thousands of years for its healing properties.  It is high in iodine and sulfur, two very powerful healing minerals.  You know, of course, it will keep vampires away.  It is also a powerful antibiotic and is called the Russian penicillin as it was used prior to the discovery of antibiotic chemicals.   It kills parasites, including intestinal worms, and fungal infections such as Candida; it lowers blood pressure and boosts your immunity.  It is also a cancer preventative.  The medicinal quality of your garlic is determined by the quality of the soil it is grown in, so grow your own or buy organic for the best quality.  Raw garlic is stronger than cooked garlic as a bactericide so use garlic both ways.  You can also use garlic capsules.

Back to the garlic sitting in your refrigerator.  Here’s one of my favorite garlic recipes, Spaghetti Olio.  This dish was served at a New Year’s Eve party I went to (45 years ago) and was simple enough and memorable enough for me to have been cooking it ever since.  Hope you enjoy it, too.

>NOTE: We do try to learn from our customers and have found that people who are sensitive to sulfa or penicillin drugs may not tolerate garlic so if you are sensitive you may want to bypass using garlic.

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