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chickweedChickweed is a springtime cool weather “weed” that may show up in your lawn each year, unless you use herbicides to kill weeds.  It’s actually a valuable tool in natural healing and can be eaten raw or lightly steamed; or take a capsule.  Here’s what it can do for you.  Chickweed has a variety of soothing properties.  It helps to relieve gas, soothes softer membranes (such as the tissue in the mouth, lungs, and colon); it is a gentle expectorant and a mild laxative.  It is useful for cystitis (chronic bladder irritation), bladder infections, pleurisy and bronchitis.

Mickey Thienes

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Discover the hidden secrets nature has to offer. For over 25 years, I have been teaching people how to use natural herbs to make homeopathic remedies, tonics, elixirs, tinctures, formulas and secret recipes to relieve the symptoms of common ailments, protect your health and live a vibrant healthy life. – Mickey Ann Thienes