Watermelon Seed

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watermelonNative American Indians knew that drinking a concoction of watermelon seeds boiled in water would soothe and heal any urinary tract problems.  Edgar Cayce (the famous medical intuitive) also recommended it for men and women for eliminating urinary tract problems.  Or, the next time you grow watermelon or buy one from the store, don’t go for the seedless variety and you can save your own seeds.  Wash the seeds in a strainer and spread them to dry on several layers of paper towels.  When dry, store them in a large envelope or brown paper bag.  I’ve found when saving large seeds like pumpkin and watermelon, there’s enough moisture in them that they will mold if stored in tightly closed glass jars.  To make your tea, chop in a food processor or crush and simmer in water.  Make enough for several days and store in the refrigerator.  For each cup of water, use 1 heaping TBL of crushed seeds.  Simmer for 5 minutes, or longer if using crushed seeds.

Crushed Watermelon Seed, 4 oz.
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